What are 5 words that describe me? Ecological, Passionate, Leader, Diligent, Mother.
What is my ideal company to work with? I would like to find passionate individuals that want to be at work. I would have to work somewhere that my children are welcomed or even encouraged to be around. Children in general tend to get sick a lot, so working from home must be available.
What problems will I solve? I find myself engineering solutions to many issues every day. I enjoy researching and learning more about just about everything. I take a “see a need, fill a need” approach to most any issue. I enjoy the challenge of advertising to an defined audience. 
What’s the part of your job you love the most? I love working on a project and getting enveloped in it. When I am wrapped up in a project, I will think of it while driving, showering, or eating. I enjoy looking up from my work to find that hours have passed.
What situation makes you feel angriest or most annoyed? I dislike being lied to. I have surrounded myself with honest individuals to limit the amount of lies I have to face. 
What drives me? Passion drives me. I work on projects to get that feeling of being surrounded by it. My drive is to create and enjoy the process. I am driven by passionate people with passionate projects, lives, and goals.
What are my goals? I hope to show my children that they can enjoy your work and also be successful. I would like to make enough money give my sons opportunities to find what in life makes them happy.
What are optimal conditions for me to work? I am able to work in small groups and alone. I work well with others and tend to lead groups through projects efficiently. At home, I am very capable of spending all night to learn something new or get something done.
What makes me different from my peers? I have always enjoyed critiques. My work will not mean anything if no one can use it. I have enjoyed the opportunity to look at many projects and learning quickly how to identify issues and improve them.
What are some core values that will come out in my work? I strive to find environmentally friendly solutions to design problems. I enjoy tracking now I reduce and reuse.
What do you do better than anyone else? I will speak my mind. I feel that this makes me simpler then most.  Good design is simple and to the point. As Paul Rand once said, “Design is so simple, that’s what makes it so complicated.”
Why do I believe that design is important? Everyone could use a designer. Simplifying life, solving problems, saving the world one project at a time.
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